Personal and professional relationships are going more and more hand in hand. We like to be surrounded by people we like; we do business with people we find friendly, and we even add our prospect clients or collaborators as friends on Facebook.

It is because we are moving to a more personalized business where we want to make the people around our business feel special.

Coliving is a great example of this evolution.

But, what is coliving? As we define it, coliving is a place where location independent workers share living and working space for a long or short period. It’s a new way of living where coworking is involved.

When the coworking movement appeared, it started breaking those barriers to a more personal business but coliving opened a new space of possibilities. A couple of years ago I worked as a community host in one of the first coworking spaces in the UK called The Melting Pot.

In a coworking space, people go to work and also, to socialize. But mainly to work, that’s why it’s called “coworking space”. What I mean is that moments to interact with others are reduced. You can go there, be productive, meet other professionals, share a cuppa, attend an event, learn new skills and then go back home.

It takes a good month to start learning the names of other members, three to hang out together, six to gain confidence and maybe, a year to start collaborating with them, but just maybe. This is not good or bad; it’s just the rhythm of it.

In a coliving space, things are different. Everything is more intense than in a coworking space, and again, it’s not good or bad; it’s just the rhythm of it. The moments you find to interact with other guests are limitless. You work when you need it, but you do plenty of other things with fascinating people who come from all over the world.

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.” — Holstee Manifesto.

You meet people when you do things together. And I don’t mean working next to each other. I mean having breakfast together, surfing together, sharing a wine at night or even going to the market to buy some food.

Coworking is a new way of working. Coliving is a new way of living where working is involved.

We want to feed our soul of people we meet, experiences we live, and things we learn.

Coliving keeps surprising me because of all of the relationships created in such a short period. You can see people collaborating, being inspired or becoming friends – all in just a week.

People are amazing and coliving makes them bright.


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