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Written by Irene Van Gent

Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now? Do you want to experience freedom to do what you really want? Do you want to have more energy? Do you want to feel more satisfaction? Do you want to do work that expresses your essential being?

In this post I will show you:

How YOU can create YOUR Dream Life

That your dream life is different from mine

What you need to discover who you really are

How to make the choices that would suit you best

How you can create fulfilling work


Your Essential Being

Your essential being is the core of who you are. It comes from deep within. It is the power of your heart. We often lose connection with this part of us when we are young and we learn how to obey the rules of society. It is unnatural to live a life based on rationality, but it is how society has worked for a long time. But when you get in touch with your essential being, you will start to understand that is what creates the things you truly believe in. It shows you the things that are really important to you. It will give you a different view on life. It is a life full of love, full of creativity and full of abundance.

When you know what your essential being is, you can create the life that suits you best and you will speak up for what you feel and believe. It will give you new insights on life in general, on relationships, on love, on friendships and your career. You will probably start to move in a different direction and become a different person.

9 magical elements

To get there, I have created the 9 magical elements to create your dream life. When you start to bring these elements into your life, you will feel free to do what is good for you. And when you are able to make the choices that are good for you, the quality of your life grows; you will be more loving and kind to the people around you. Everyone will benefit when you show who you really are.

  1. JUST DO IT – Don’t be afraid to try new things, when you want to change something in your life, just go for it. Life is about playing, it’s about trying new things, it’s about failing and succeeding. So just do it and don’t think about it too long.
  2. BE DIFFERENT – Everyone has their own way of living. The fact that you are reading this article, means that you are part of a community of digital nomads, people that like to do things a bit different than most of the people around them. Let this be, enjoy the way you are different and let others be different too.
  3. FIND A COMMUNITY  – Find people that are alike. People with whom you can share your stories, people who understand you and who challenge you to figure out new ways. Let this community inspire you and you will grow together. As a digital nomad you will find a lot of online communities and people you’ll meet whilst travelling. So enjoy these connections and share your stories!  
  4. START MOVING – Walking, sports, travelling, whatever you do to move your body from one place to another will give you inspiration, insights and new perspectives. Moving helps to resolve big issues that you are facing, because it brings you to new places, physically and mentally. Even if you are stuck in a problem and you keep on thinking that it will find a solution when you keep sitting behind your desk. Just step outside and go for a walk. You will see that the answer will pop up very soon.
  5. BE YOUR OWN GURU – there are guru’s, trainers and coaches who can tell you how you should behave to have a better life. But the only reason you should work with these people is to unleash your own power.  Everything is inside of you, no one can tell you what to do. The only way to discover what you really are is when you start to be silent, only then you will realise how much power there is inside of you.
  6. LET LOVE RULE – Love is a superpower, when we are ready to be more loving to ourselves and others the world will become a different place. It starts by being kind and loving to yourself, by using kind words and loving attention. By listening to your body and what it needs and be kind enough to give this to yourself. You will become a gentler person for those who are around you.
  7. TAKE THE LEAD – you are responsible for all that is happening in your life. No one is responsible for the successes and failures in your life except you. So you are the only one that is able to change your life. The only way to change your life is to take charge and do what you really want!
  8. DREAM  – dreaming and visualising are very powerful tools to create a life you really love. Dreaming takes you to places that are the base of your ideal life. Dreams can show you what the vision of your life should be. And out of the dreams you can create the master plan for your dream life.
  9. BE PERSISTENT – if you start searching the life that suits you best, moments will arrive that you are ready to quit the dream. But the moment will come when you know what your way is. It takes time, patience, love and a lot of talking, meditating or walks in nature. But at a certain point you are there. Flow will come into your life. You will feel the happiness in your veins and you live long and happily ever after 😉


About the author:  Irene Van Gen writes about yoga as a lifestyle and how it affects the way  you think and feel. You can connect with her on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and  Linkedin More info here: https://irenevangent.com

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