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Written by Sienna Brown When you’re a digital nomad, you often find yourself in new cities with new people and wonderfully new experiences. With all of these different external, yet wonderful distractions, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on your work but not to worry, it’s possible to continue being a boss while still making the most of your travels. Here are three tips and tricks to stay productive and balanced while on the road. Create a Schedule and Stick To It To-do lists are amazing and many of us live by them but when you’re always on the run, sometimes it’s hard to find time to set aside when we’re so enthralled by the location we’re currently living in. 10   Need a surefire way to make sure work gets done? Use a calendar to create a weekly schedule and stick to it. Set aside 3 hours each morning to work on business development, social media or client work + calls, then be schedule in time for exercise, meals, exploration and down time. When you stick to a schedule, it allows you to make sure you can make the most of your current location while still getting the work done that you need to be able to continue living a life you love. Stick to 1 or 2 Daily Habits When you’re always in a new place, sometimes it can be hard to stay grounded which leads to us feeling “off” and uninspired. This is why it’s vital to create daily habits that will help you feel at home with yourself, no matter where you are in the world. Whether that’s doing yoga in the morning or making sure you drink 2 liters of water each day, you need to keep some habits in track that will keep your mind clear and focused throughout the day. Take Time To Disconnect It’s just as important to make the most of your time in a new country, as it is to check things off of your to-do list. When you’re an entrepreneur or digital nomad, it’s very is to get caught up working all day but when you’re constantly visiting new places around the globe… it’s just as important to remember to live. When you’re in a new city or country, plan out the amount of time that you’ll be there and put aside “sacred time” each week (or each day) to close your computer and explore your new home. Seeing new sights and meeting new people will open your mind and give you inspiration from new places. These are just some tips that you can use to make sure that you make the most of your time working and living across the globe. 11

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