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Written by Hans van de Rakt

Do you remember the moments when you felt stuck, and no progress was made? Nothing new happened, no inspiration came to you, energy was …somewhere, and a glass of wine didn’t help either … Where did the magic go? How can you make progress in your business-life? And…where to start….help!

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The Comfort of The Comfort Zone

As a human being, a great deal of what you do every day is based on the same routines, also known as habits. This can be a good form of discipline, but if you want to make real progress and break away from your daily habits, you gotta make an effort at first. Look at your habits for a moment, and then start changing them step by step according to your goals.

Habits make a warm and nice comfort-zone for you to live in. But while stepping out of this zone by opening up, being vulnerable, and do stuff that might scare you requires an effort at first, you have to do so if you want to feel alive again. Out of the comfort zone is where you experience your hidden feelings like fear, curiosity, happiness, passion and so much more. It’s what it’s called the growth zone! So meet different people, try a new sport, taste some exotic foods (or drinks) or even take a trek in some beautiful scenery. Feel alive again, and new ideas and inspiration will come!


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My Experience at Sun and Co.

So why am I telling you all this? Because this is what I experienced and learnt from my time at Sun and Co. (twice!). Somehow the experience loosened me up, pushed me to be more social, encouraged me to discover the most beautiful sceneries, learn a new sport, and so much more.

I’m used to working at flexible locations in my home country – the Netherlands, working and interacting with the local nomads, but this does not have the same effect as a location such as Sun and Co. The big difference is combining living and working in one location which brings a totally different dynamic. Co-living and co-working in a beautiful location with beautiful scenery, made me touch my boundaries. My experience resulted in my productivity improving, me feeling happy and refreshed, and inspiration and new ideas popping up constantly. So what are we going to do next?


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About Hans: Hans is a Happy Business Coach who believes in discovering and using the potential of entrepreneurs and to make an impact with their business. He also loves writing blog articles about business-life.

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