It’s hard to understand what coliving is if you’ve never experienced it.

We are approaching the “co-living” word to talk about houses shared by location independent workers who want to live with like-minded people and value their personal and professional growth.

“Co-living is a way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle” – The Collective.

But, sometimes we need more specific information to understand what does it mean. For that reason, we would like to open our doors and show you what happens inside:


Working and collaborating in Sun and Co.

There are mainly two type of guests in Sun and Co.:
Remote Workers, who are location independent, and Professionals based in one place who want to get away from their routine and be inspired. The average stay is between one week and two months.

The first day you arrive at Sun and Co., we will welcome you with the best of our smiles and introduce you to the other guests in the house: Developers, Marketing experts, Designers, Journalists, etc. from all over the world who are willing to meet interesting people.

We are a team of four hosts here at Sun and Co. and every day do our best building up the community and always giving a hand with whatever is needed.

Our house is a 19th-century building located in Javea, a coastal town in Spain. We offer Coliving and Coworking all under one roof.

You will find the coworking space, kitchen and spacious patio located on the ground floor. The communal living area is the best place to connect with the other guests. You will easily find people sharing dinner and wine any night of the week.


Cooking together in Sun and Co.

If you come in the morning most probably people will be working hard because Remote Workers, even when they are in a beautiful sunny place, they work a lot. Normally, Monday to Friday harder than during the weekends, but any evening is good to do fun things together. Saturdays and Sundays, are more relaxed where we sometimes enjoy hiking, day trips, etc.

On the first and second floor, you will find the bedrooms and bathrooms. We offer rooms that are private or shared but always with enough space to live comfortably.

Living with another 15 people all under one roof doesn’t mean you need to do things together all the time. We value people’s privacy and the freedom to do what they want whenever they feel like it.


One of the working areas in Sun and Co.

On the other hand, we will always give you different options through our weekly plan:

Monday at 6 pm it’s the house meeting. We, guests and hosts, all together create the schedule for the rest of the week: Tapas nights, Film Nights, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Cooking together, etc. because we believe that doing things together create the real connections.

At the same time, the most powerful thing in Sun and Co. is the people. Our aim is to make the most of it and encourage personal and professional growth within our walls. For that, we do Skillshares and Masterminds every week. These two activities are willing to exchange knowledge so people can learn from each other’s professional skills.

Skillsharing session in Sun and Co.

Skillsharing session in Sun and Co.

Living with like-minded people makes you connect and learn a lot faster than you ever expected. If you have never tried it before, Sun and Co. is an excellent opportunity to do it.

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