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Written by Sienna Brown

Digital nomad is a lifestyle that has been on the rise. More and more we here people talking about their ability to travel the world and work from anywhere. Being location independent allows for a variety of different experiences that allow you to have more opportunities both in life and work.

Sienna working in a Café

But here’s the thing. Many people want to try the digital nomad life but don’t exactly know where to start. Well, it’s all about transitioning the right way… you don’t need to quit your job, sell everything and head on the road, although if that’s your style, we support it as well!

If you want to start creating a nomadic life, here are three ways to get started.

Start with a long “workation”

Want to know the perfect solution to see if you’re ready for live in a new country (or even city for that matter)? By taking a long trip, head somewhere to live for a month at a time and see how that works out for you. Residing in a co-living space while on the road is the perfect solution for something that is affordable, exciting and inspiring all at the same time. Here at Sun and Co, in just one year, almost 20 people have come back to stay more than once, showing that it’s an experience for the books.

Sienna’s work environment

When you take an extended workation, you’ll get to see the benefits of living and working in a different city while also getting to know people from all around the world while doing so. Chances are, once you get back home, you’ll be itching for your next adventure and you can plan accordingly for you next trip.

Find Others Who Have Done It

Learn from the best. When you find other people who are already digital nomads or location independent, it’s easier to have a conversation with them then spending 20 hours on Google searching for what you want to know. The Sun and Co community has brought in people from over 40 different countries and everyone ranging from full time digital nomads to people who just need a quick escape from their 9-5 and are looking to transition.

When you find the community of people who believe that a location independent lifestyle is possible, it makes it that much easier to believe that you can do the same. Find those who have done it, ask the right questions and plan accordingly based on what you want for your own life.

Make The Professional Connections

If you want to be a remote worker, odds are, you’ll want the right connections that can possibly lead to future work opportunities. At coliving spaces like Sun and Co, we’ve had people who work for companies like Google, Mozilla and many more to CEOs and entrepreneurs of their own businesses. When surrounded by people like that and making meaningful connections it can allow for you to share your skillsets and might open up doors that you would have never imagined.

So, these are just some tips to get started. Where are you on your location independent journey?

Sienna during a photo shoot in Madrid

Sienna is a NY native who has been living in Murcia, Spain for the past three years with plans on staying long term. She is the founder of Las Morenas de España, which is a digital platform and community that provides resources, knowledge and cultivates connections for expats in Spain and worldwide. If you want to contact her, shoot her a message at sienna@lasmorenasdeespana.com

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