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What would life look like if I could work from anywhere in the world?

When thinking about if remote work is a right fit, this is a question that many people find themselves asking. When looking to create a work life without the confines of an office, there are pros and cons. Although transitioning to be location independent and working remotely, it’s a process that takes time but once you’ve got the hang of it, the benefits can be endless.

So, whether you’re trying to become a location independent entrepreneur or convince your boss to modify your current situation to work remotely, here are some out of the box benefits of remote work!

You Can Create A Schedule That Adapts To Your Needs

How often do you find yourself in the office feeling like all of your time is spent doing reactive work for your team or in meetings that last just a bit too long? When you work a 9 to 5, it might be a little harder to focus and get the major work done that you need to because you’re on the schedule of other people. But, when you work remotely, you’ll be able to create a schedule that adapts to your needs and fits the lifestyle that you want to be living. Of course, creating your own schedule might lead to working a little too much, but you have the option of figuring out your optimal working hours. Getting big tasks done on your own time, while still crafting out a few hours daily to do things that you love.

You Can Cut Down On Costs While Seeing The World

Being location independent gives you the liberty to see the world and to save money while doing so. Of course, working remotely doesn’t mean that you have to be a jet-setter on the move all the time but it’s true that you can save money while being location independent. Think about it. Would you rather pay $2,000 a month for rent in San Francisco or take the $2,000 to live on the coast of Spain for 3 months?

Working remotely creates the opportunity to cut costs on things like expensive city living, transportation and more to dedicate those funds to having more experiences and seeing new places all over the world.

You Can Create Professional Connections and Community

How can remote work lead to connections and community? Of course, the day to day of remote work can be extremely lonely but here at Sun and Co., over the years we’ve found that when you find the right connections, it has endless benefits. The location-independent workers who join us in Javea always end of leaving the house feeling like family, having created personal and professional connections that last a lifetime. Sun and Co. livers have met up all over the world, become best friends, started business ventures together and even become professional accountability partners.

Of course, there are endless benefits to working remotely as well as things it takes time getting used to because life isn’t always what it seems (on Instagram) but if you’re ever interested in getting a taste, feel free to reach out or visit us at Sun and Co. to get a taste!


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