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Living the location independent lifestyle, constantly on the road or moving from place to place, sometimes makes it hard to find or foster meaningful relationships with others. Most of the time we have surface level interactions before moving on to our next destination, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Taking the time to create meaningful relationships while being a digital nomad is vital. We’ve gotten to experience firsthand the way that deep relationships not only help people feel as if they have a great sense of community, but it also leads to success.

When you’re a part of a Coliving community, you really learn the impact that creating meaningful relationships in a short period of time can bring, Let’s dive into three ways to do just that!

Get To Know People Outside of Just What They Do

Being able to ask someone about their profession and latest project that they’re working on is easy, but it can create a feeling that you’re only interested in connecting on a professional level instead of actually getting to know who they are as a person.

Imagine what it would look like if, instead, you were able to cut the small talk and dive right into what really matters. When you get to know the things that people truly value and what they believe in, it creates a much stronger bond than what you can find on their LinkedIn profile.

This is what happens with coliving. When you share a house with other people, you find that it isn’t just working and collaborating together on a professional level, but also finding yourself in situations like cooking together or sharing a beer in the evening that opens doors for a real connection.

Community Over Competition 

We live in a time where it feels like there are so many businesses and ideas out there and the competition is tough. But, instead of feeling as if everyone you meet is competition, think of them as your professional community. We can go so much further together than if we were on our own.

We’ve seen people come together and leave Sun and Co. with new business partners, professional accountability partners and even hiring one another to help with growth. You want to work with people that you really connect with, so being able to ignite a meaningful relationship doesn’t just mean that you might make a new friend. It can also help lead to professional success.  

Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is a touchy topic. Often we need time to really know someone to be able to open up and truly be vulnerable with them. But when that happens towards the beginning of a new relationship or friendship, it’s invaluable. One of the most powerful moments that we’ve had is when we hosted a “Lessons and Learnings” bonfire where for four hours, people who were “strangers” earlier that day, opened up in a way you couldn’t imagine. An immediate sense of community was shared as we all spoke about the hardships that they’ve gone through in life and the lessons that they’ve learned from it.

Seeing people from all over the world with different backgrounds and experiences share moments like that, broke down all barriers. When you open up about who you are and your true journey, not just the highlights on social media, it allows for a much deeper sense of connection that you can ever imagine.

These are just three ways to make sure that you’re fostering meaningful relationships while being a digital nomad living the location independent lifestyle.

Feel free to email us letting us know what you think and if you’re ready to find meaningful relationships here at Sun and Co., our house is always open to you!

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