Sun and Co. Life After Covid: All You Need To Know

(Updated 10 May 2021).

Sooo how are we doing, you ask?! We are all good and excited to continue to welcome guests to Sun and Co. in 2021 ☀️

However, things have changed in the world in general – and in the world of coliving and hospitality too. While we’re committed to not change anything in the ‘old’ Sun and Co. experience that our guests love so much, we had to make a few adjustments to ensure everyone’s safety around the house.

In this post, we want to give you an update on the situation in Jávea, and all the measures we are now implementing. We want to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible while coliving with us.

We are sure our community will understand the situation and we are positive the Sun and Co. experience won’t be affected by these measures. After all, it’s the people that make Sun and Co. the special place that it’s always been.

No nasty virus will ever change that!

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Jávea Today

As we are writing this guide, Jávea is one of the safest places to be in Europe when it comes to COVID infection rate.

Even when COVID reached its peak in Spain back in 2020, Jávea only registered a bunch of cases and the situation has always been under control. Being far away from big cities, with most of its population living in villas and thanks to the local community respecting the rules, the chances of other outbreaks are pretty slim here.

Jávea’s mild climate and its abundance of outdoor space is a huge advantage during the fall and winter seasons when people can still continue to spend time outside even with the current restrictions.

At the moment, traveling from EU Member States and Schengen Associated countries is allowed. If you fly to Spain, it is mandatory to carry a negative molecular test undertaken 72 hours prior to enter Spain, and to fill in a Health Control Form (FCS) associated with your trip. Once you complete the form, you receive a personal QR code, which you present at the Health Control of the airport of arrival in Spain.


👉 You can find more information here: Reopen Europe.

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Update 10 May 2021

The state of alarm ended yesterday in Spain, meaning that from now on each region will be in charge of controlling the pandemic in their territories.

Jávea is part of the Valencian region, which has been one of the best regions in Spain (and Europe) in terms of the lowest infection rates.

Here are the main measures currently in place:

  • 🚗 No more perimetral lockdown of any regions, meaning you can travel around Spain freely
  • 🕕 a curfew between midnight and 6 am
  • 🍽 bars and restaurants are OPEN until 11:30 pm with 100% capacity on terraces, and 50% capacity indoor
  • 🙆🏽‍♀️ social gatherings up to 10 people 
  • 😷 wearing masks outside when not drinking/eating
  • 🤸🏼‍♀️ Gyms are open with a capacity of 30%

👉🏽 So what does this means for us?

☀ The sun is shining in Jávea, with temperatures becoming warmer and warmer as we are enjoying the best months of the year: May & June! So expect around 20-23 degrees celsius, lots of beautiful hikes and walks by the beach.

🏖 We can enjoy lunches and drinks in bars and restaurants, on terraces and sidewalk cafés until late in the evening!

🏠 Then obviously we can all be together when we hang out inside the house, with no mask nor restrictions (after all we’ve all been tested before getting here!).

Sun and Co. Post Covid Guidelines

Keep reading for a detailed list of all the measures we are implementing around the Sun and Co. house, plus an overview of the Spanish healthcare system and instructions on how to get to Jávea safely.

You can also download a PDF version of our Post-COVID House Guidelines guide here.


Things we took into consideration:

  • Our community’s suggestions 💛
  • The Spanish Government’s guidelines for all tourist accommodations
  • The fact that we don’t want our Sun and Co. experience to change

1. House Capacity

The amount of people in the house is one of the most important factors when fighting the virus so we have decided to reduce the capacity of the house to 15 people.

Nevertheless, we don’t think we will reach that limit most of the time anyway and based on our predictions we will probably be having around 7-8 guests on average, making it easily a 50% capacity reduction from pre-covid times.

2. Guest Turnover

A new type of travel is being born and now nomads tend to naturally stay longer and to move less often. Guest turnover was a concern for us but most booking enquiries that we are receiving show that guests are now staying on average +15 days and very often for a month.

That’s why we introduced a new pricing for long stays of 60+ days. Have a look here and reach out if you have any questions.

3. Coworking Areas

  • Depending on current capacity, we might consider assigning workspaces instead of hot-desks to avoid people moving around every day.
  • We have set up 2 working desks in the quad rooms for extra working space.
  • The Skype room will be bookable for private calls/meetings when the house is not full, otherwise it’ll always be available to have some extra isolated workspace.

4. Kitchen

There is a new dishwasher installed in the kitchen so kitchenware is effectively disinfected at 60ºC  and we will always remind people to clean the dishes before and after using them.

5. Hygiene Measures

  • Our lovely cleaning lady Estefania will come more often to deep clean all common spaces.
  • We’ll provide hand sanitizer and cleaning alcohol for guests to use at any time everywhere around the house.
  • Natural ventilation is important and we will keep doors and windows open as much as possible. The good news is: it’s always warm in Javea!

6. Protocol If (One Of) These Three Things Happen

1. What if there is a new lockdown in Javea?

A new lockdown in Javea is an unlikely event. In other parts of Spain with minor outbreaks, there have been no lockdowns so far, and when they have occurred they have lasted no longer than a week. Another lockdown like the one we suffered in March 2020 will be avoided at all costs since it would be a disaster for Spain’s economy.

However, we don’t have a crystal ball and cannot prevent nor predict what exactly is going to happen. What we can do is trying to make it easier for you in case you get to experience lockdown with us 🙂

So should another lockdown happen while you’re at Sun and Co., we’ll be offering you a 30% discount on the normal rates for as long as it lasts.

2. What if my country decides to ban travelers coming from Spain?

Again, the best we can do is to make your change of plans as easy as possible. So in case this happens and you’ll have to stay with us, we will also offer you a 30% discount on the normal rate until the situation changes or you decide to leave.

Please note this offer only applies in case of a travel ban, but not if returning to your country forces you to self-isolate.

3. What if someone in the house shows any symptoms?

If you or someone in the house is feeling unwell, the first thing to do is informing the hosts. We will arrange the best available room in the house (ideally with a private bathroom) where guests will be able to self-isolate until they can get tested.

Hosts will take care of self-isolated guests, making sure they have everything they need during that time without leaving the room. For your comfort, we will also take care of contacting the medical authorities, following up with them, arrange the testing, etc.

Right now, Spain’s test response time is between 24-48 hours. If tested negative, everything will go back to normal. If positive, we will all have to self-isolate in the house for around 14 days. We might also arrange private accommodation nearby only for infected guests if needed.

7. Flexible Cancellation Policy

Sun and Co. will be offering an extra flexible cancellation policy for your bookings over the next few months, so you can just book now and cancel just up to one week in advance if you decide to do so.

We promise a 100% refund in any case. No questions asked. Or, alternatively, we’ll keep your deposit for a future stay even if you cancel a day before arrival.

Also, if you are unable to fly due to sudden changes in travel restrictions we will refund you as well. We are taking the risk so you don’t have to do so 🙂

Finally, for maximum transparency and everyone’s safety, we will ask every guest to sign a document acknowledging all of the measures and good practices implemented in the house.

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How To Get To Sun and Co. Safely

The safest option would be renting a car, both from Alicante and from Valencia. It’s very cheap during the low season, and especially now. We’ve got our own private parking with a total of 4 spots.

Below are other ways to reach Sun and Co. by public transport. These are also safe, but obviously less private and you’ll need to follow the standard rules (masks, hand sanitizer etc.)

Remember to check their website regularly for updates, as their service may vary due to Covid restrictions.

From ALICANTE Airport (98 km):

  • Beniconnect Shuttle Bus. You need to book at least 24h in advance and it operates from 9 am until midnight. When booking choose Alicante Airport to Jávea “Silvasol”, this bus stop is 3 minutes walking from Sun and Co. 
  • Alsa Bus is also a good option. You need to choose “Alicante Airport” to “Jávea”. There is only one bus stop in Jávea, and it’s an 8-minute walk from Sun and Co.  

From VALENCIA Airport (125 km):

Alsa Bus. When coming in from Valencia, there is only one direct bus from Valencia airport to Jávea around 9 am. Otherwise, take a taxi to the central bus station and from there, there are many buses that go to Jávea. The last bus is usually around 6:30 pm. If you arrive later, you can always take a bus from Valencia to Denia, which is just 10 km from Jávea. From Denia, you should take a taxi to Sun and Co. 

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Spanish Health System Overview

Finally, we wanted to give you a quick overview of how the Spanish health system works, in case you’ll ever need to see a doctor here.

  • European Visitors
    • All EU and European Economic Area (EEA) nationals below retirement age who visit Spain for a short holiday are entitled to free or reduced-cost emergency medical healthcare and treatments at all Spanish public medical centres and hospitals with a valid European Health Insurance Card.
  • Non-European Visitors
    • You should have your own medical insurance. Nevertheless, all Spanish state hospitals are required to provide vital primary healthcare to any patient who is admitted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries or illness, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Health Insurance
    • Some nomad insurance companies like SafetyWing now cover Covid too. We recommend taking a look at these for peace of mind.

We hope you found this information useful and that we will see you soon at Sun and Co.! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email.

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