A glimpse of our amazing community

A lot of people ask us what our community looks like. Well, here some examples of the inspiring tribe that has shaped Sun and Co. and has stayed with us for weeks or months. Digital nomads, freelancers, start-up CEOs, remote workers or entrepreneurs, we have had it all!


Developer (DK)

Peter travels the world while developing his Worpdress plug-in WP Pusher. He is now launching a new accounting SaaS product and knows everything about the best places to have coffee in Javea.


Life coach (DK)

Tina has lived with us for quite some time and gained a place in our hearts. She is a mindset upgrader and our favourite mastermind facilitator. You’ll find her in the kitchen preparing delicious smoothies.

Nola and Paul

Remote team leaders (CA)

Nola and Paul spend half a year in Vancouver and for the rest they flee the canadian winter to explore the world.  They work remotely for different companies while managing teams in different time zones. Our night owls who are always in for an interesting chat.


Copywriter (AUS)

Camilla came from the furthest possible point in the globe and made our home a kinder place. She is a professional copywriter for the fashion industry and also runs a podcast about love and sex called “All We Cannot Say”.


Founder and UX Specialist (NL)

Machiel runs Online Department, a leading dutch digital agency specialised in all things related to UX design. After visiting us he decided to relocate to Javea and now runs his 14 member team based in Rotterdam remotely. If you want enjoy a nice glass of wine, ask him 🙂


Founder (ES)

Diana’s vision is to revitalise rural areas through the maker and digital nomad movement. That’s why she founded PandoraHub, a social innovation project.. If you don’t find her here or in Barcelona, she probably will be in Bali 🙂


Business consultant (FR)

Anna is one of our recurrent clients who knows that she has a second home here. When she needs time to focus on her consulting business she flies from Paris. Currently she is also working on network to empower women into entrepreneurship. You’ll find her working at a beach bar while enjoying the sunset.


Email mkt specialist (DK)

Peter loves emails and designs them beautifully mainly for ecommerce companies thought his company Emailnova. He also loves cycling and chatting around the bonfire in our patio.


Designer (UK)

Alisa used to be a designer based in London working for big companies as a freelancer until she embraced the digital nomad lifestyle. Since that she keeps travelling mostly Europe and keeping in touch with other nomads from all over the world.


Founder (PSE)

Mo is the founder of Much Together, a collaborative economy start-up who aims to bring people together around food and by that make people happier. He used to work as a host and community dynamizer in The Melting Pot, the oldest coworking space in Edinburgh and has taught us a lot with his experience.


Developer (USA)

Apart from working remotely, Tracy has her mind always busy with new business ideas. While staying with us she developed several concepts and is now also focused on her passion project Buoyup, a new way to donate money to charitable causes while reading about social problems.


Developer (UK)

Jinder is CEO of Kangaroom, a leading flat rental website in many cities around the world. Is hard to know where he is when he is not in London since he has been travelling all around the world lately.

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