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What coworking looks like at Sun and Co.

Everything you need to be productive, feel inspired and grow professionally.

Coworking at Sun and Co. isn’t just about sharing an office space, it’s about collaborative learning and shared knowledge. Professional growth doesn’t just happen behind a computer screen but when you learn and collaborate with others. Through weekly mastermind and skillshare sessions, there’s always something that will benefit your professional and personal projects. 

Inspiring 24/7 Workspaces

You’ll have a range of workspaces to feel inspired and work remotely on your own schedule. Whether it’s in our focus area or chillout patio you’ll be motivated to get to work.

High-speed Internet

Wifi is essential. Our 500 mbps up/down internet makes sure you stay connected until you’re ready to disconnect.

Zoom/Meeting Room

Whether you have calls, webinars or meetings, our private Skype room is your place for privacy.

International Network

Our diverse network of location independent professionals brings new knowledge and perspective that can lead to endless opportunities.

Meet employees from top global companies

Being surrounded by top talent is key. We’re proud to have provided an immersive, impactful remote work experience for over 600 location independent professionals from all over the world. 

For companies

What coworking looks like at Sun and Co.

No matter what your schedule or workload looks like, you’ll be able to get what you need done and feel inspired along the way. Each week, you choose the professional development workshops you’d like to join and find yourself learning from others during your stay. 

Ready to book?

Private rooms from 49 euro/day. Shared rooms from 26 euro/day.