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Coliving FAQs

What is coliving exactly?

Coliving means like-minded people not only sharing a working space but also living together. Like we have said several times, learning and developing you professionally and personally nowadays is done in unconventional and creative ways such as this. Kill the routine of your everyday life and enjoy a new social experience based on nice people and a great vibe.

So, you have private and shared bedrooms. How do the shared ones work?

Well, basically you would be sharing the same room with people like you for a period of time. For us, this is also the true co-living experience where you can actually get to know people for real. In any case, we will always try to look for the most suitable roommate according to your preferences.

And how big is Sun and Co.?

We offer accommodation and working space for up to 20 people, although it depends on how many people share rooms. Anyway, Sun and Co. is a whole building of more than 500 sq meters with plenty of space for everyone 🙂

Due to the COVID19 situation we are currently offering a maximum of 15 spots to provide extra space and safety to our guests while the pandemic lasts.

What do I have to bring?

Nothing you would not usually bring to a hotel or an apartment at the beach. We provide you with every basic daily supply, such as towels and basic cooking ingredients.

Who takes care of the cleaning and the common areas?

We have staff coming regularly to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the house. The regularity depends on the occupancy of the house but they will come whenever we consider 🙂

And how does the food and cooking work?

You and everybody else has access to our design kitchen anytime, which is fully equipped with anything you may need. There is plenty of space in our fridges and cupboards for you to store the food. The supermarket is located 50 meters away from our house, really close to the local market where you can buy fresh fish, meat and vegetables at very reasonable prices everyday. Very often we decide to cook and have dinner together but everybody is free to join or not 🙂

I like your project. Does it go beyond co-living?

Yes, it does! We believe in how coworking is changing the working environment and in the importance of communities and interpersonal relationships in the digital age. That is why we started this project and we believe it´s a good thing for the world. Climate change is a concern to us so we decided to supply Sun and Co. only with electricity coming 100% from renewable energies while we autoproduce about 30% of our consumption through solar panels. If you have more questions, please ask!

Coworking FAQs

I like this place but will I be productive? Do people actually work?

Remote working does not mean not working! Some people are doing what is now called a work-ation, meaning they relax half-time but still sit in front of the computer for some hours a day. That being said, our coworkers affirm that Sun and Co. and the sun boost their productivity. You have been warned.

What kind of professionals will I meet there?

All kinds actually! From programmers to music producers, photographers, digital marketers and journalists we have had it all. The only common background is really being able to work remotely for a certain time.

Can I use the coworking space if I don´t stay at Sun and Co.?

Usually we don´t accept people that do not stay with us because we want to build a community feeling but if you feel you can be a nice addition to our family please contact us and we will consider it 🙂

What is the Internet speed?

300 Mbps symmetrical fibre connection 🙂 Here our speedtest:

Sun and Co. Community FAQs

Who is Sun and Co. for?

For anyone able to work remotely and wanting to enjoy a great work-leisure balance. Usually, it’s freelancers from creative sectors, company teams in a retreat, digital nomads traveling and working. We’ve also had visits from artists, writers and architects.

Ok but if me or my team can work from anywhere in the world why should I go to Sun and Co.?

The one million dollar question. People. It´s always about the people. Yes, you can find a desk and a good internet connection in thousand different places but only a few offer you an inexpensive stay, a great weather all year round, delicious food, tons of outdoor activities with people like you.

But I don't speak spanish, what am I going to do?

No problem. English is the official language at Sun and Co. Most people in Jávea will be able to talk english to you as well, so that shouldn´t be a problem. And if you are considering learning some spanish just let us know!

I want to get to know the locals, will I?

You came to the right place. Our community also integrates local people joining us regularly for activities, events or just to have a beer. Both hosts are spaniards who will give you a glimpse into the real local culture.

How long do people usually stay?

The usual stay is about two or three weeks but we have had people staying several months and we love it! On the other hand we have a minimum stay of 10 days to assure a proper community feeling 🙂

Who are the hosts of this amazing space?

Glad you ask! Sienna, Silvia and Jon are the three people devoted to you and your stay and in charge that you don’t want to leave. Our tasks are taking care of you offsite or retreat and making it perfect. If you are curious about who we are and the story of Sun and Co. check our section “About” 😉

Sun and Co. Activities FAQs

What kind of activities do you do?

We do all sorts of things together: from cooking at home, go to have some beers, hiking trips, watching movies, board game nights to tech meetups and events. Everyone is free to participate or even better put forward your idea or activity!

Are there any profesional events?

Yes, of course. We want to take the most of the skills we find inside the house. For that reason, we host Masterminds and Skillshares every week.

Do you want to share any ability you have with the rest of the guests? Are you good at making money from blogs, creating effective email marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, Amazon seller, meditation, coaching, writing, etc. and you want to share your knowledge with the rest of us?</div>

Do you have a personal or a professional challenge that you need to overcome but you are struggling to find the way? i.e. I don’t know how to market my product, I have a business idea but I don’t know what to do next, I hate my job but I don’t know what I’d like to do, travelling is tiring I need to find a solution, etc.
i.e. I don’t know how to market my product, I have a business idea but I don’t know what to do next, I hate my job but I don’t know what I’d like to do, travelling is tiring I need to find a solution, etc. Use the knowledge in the house to solve that problem. People is always very happy to help 🙂

I like sports, what kind of sports can I practice?

We love this question! You can hike and bike all year round in the two natural parks that surround Jávea. Scuba diving and snorkelling is really big here, with more than 9 diving schools working during most of the year. Sailing is one of our personal favourites although surfing and kayaking are our guests most popular choices. Many also choose to wake up early and do some morning yoga at the beach. The air and water temperature is just great most of the year!

I would like to learn some spanish, can I?

Pues claro que puedes! The is a partner language school in our very same street at very reasonable prices even for 1-to-1 lessons. Plus you can also talk a lot with us 🙂

Sun and Co. Location FAQs

Jávea? Where is that?

Jávea is a spanish coastal town at the Mediterranean, with a millenary history of traditional agriculture and quiet way of life. Since the 60s it became really multicultural and now residents from more than 50 nationalities have chosen this corner of Spain as their new home. Our home is located in the Old Town, in a 19th century traditional house building, so pretty much in the center of it all!

Ok, but how do I get to Sun and Co.?

Two major international airports are equally close: Valencia and Alicante (about 100 km from Jávea). Both have an amazing amount of inexpensive flight connections with most of Europe!

You can reach Sun and Co. from both airports via bus, shared car or shuttle service. Buses drive regularly (around 15 euro). Check timetables at, but the shortest and funniest connection by far is using the car sharing app Blablacar (around 9 euro) or with the shuttle service Beniconnect. Contact us if you need help!

Renting a car is also a good option for full mobility freedom and prices during the low season are shockingly good, starting from 6 euro/day!

When you arrive to Jávea, just find our home here! 😉