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The beauty of northern Spain in an amazing Pop-Up Coliving Experience

April 20th to May 18th 2024

Sun and Co. goes North again!
Join us in the springtime for a coliving and coworking experience in the Basque Country.

The past two years were memorable and we simply cannot get enough of it! Once again, we will immerse ourselves in the lush of nature, the discovery of good cuisine and all the fun that comes with living and working together with a group of 12 to 18 amazing people!
From Bilbao to San Sebastian, from pintxos to Euskara, from walks to art – join us in our third Sun and Co. Pop-Up coliving to discover the beauty of the Basque Country and create deep human connections!

The Experience

For four weeks, we want to take our Sun and Co. experience to a whole new level!
You will have the chance to create deep connections, lead great conversations and have a transformative experience. After all, that’s what Sun and Co. is best known for – creating a safe space for everyone to connect.


A rural coliving experience nested in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, the location is surrounded by beautiful nature and tranquillity. You’ll have the chance to relax, disconnect and explore the culture of the Basque Countries! 


A completely renovated historical luxury villa in the heart of the Basque Country. With eight bedrooms, a fully-equipped colossal kitchen, a swimming pool, a garden, good WiFi, and even a chapel! Plenty of space to create memorable experiences! 


Building community is at the core of what we do. Spacing between social and professional events, you’ll experience a full immersion in the Sun and Co. community life. We will co-create our agenda knowing that our time together during the retreat is unique!


The perfect place to recharge your batteries! Breathe fresh air, nurture your body with delicious food and your spirit with deep human connections. This year, we introduce optional yoga and mindfulness sessions, to come out of this journey fully renewed!

Where are we going?

We’re heading to northern Spain for a change of scenery! Our luxury villa is located in what is possibly the most stunning area of the Basque Country: the charming town of Gautegiz Arteaga, in the center of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

It will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature, visit the charming towns in the area, hike in the green mountains or go to the sea. Bilbao and San Sebastian are just 30 minutes and a 1-hour drive from our pop-up house.

“100% of the people who attended in 2023 said they would repeat another Sun and Co. Pop-Up!”

Everybody will be checking in and checking out every 14 days, so you will have the chance to connect with the whole group meaningfully. It is a fantastic opportunity to live with a diverse group of like-minded people!

Room Types (click on tabs)

Double Bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a private living room with garden views, a large sofa and a fireplace. Our best room in the house!

Double Bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Perfect for couples or single travellers.

Double Bedroom with a shared bathroom. A bit cheaper than the ensuite one, but still charming and with a lot of privacy.

Twin bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. The perfect option if you want to share the room with just one more person, or a friend (we’ll separate the beds from each other). As always, we’ll try our best to match men with men and women with women, depending on the availability.

Our most affordable option is also the biggest room in the house. Equipped with 4 single beds, you’ll be sharing the room with 3 other lovely people. Shared bathroom.


Check-ins on April 20th or May 4th.


Ensuite Pack


14 nights 1785€

28 nights 2999€


Ensuite Pack


14 nights 1485€

28 nights 2670€


Premium Pack


14 nights 1275€

28 nights 2370€


Ensuite Pack


14 nights 885€ pp

28 nights 1470€ pp


Room Pack


14 nights 690€ pp

28 nights 1170€ pp

Your in-house hosts and facilitators


Nana loves ice cream, big laughs and spontaneity. She worked for several years in coliving spaces for digital nomads and she is a certified yoga instructor. From what she defines as "her previous life" she brings expertise in project management, coordination and design.
Nana will be your host for the first two weeks of the Pop-Up.


Ana is bringing years of experience working as a community and social media manager for a number of colivings and retreats for remote workers.
She holds a PHD in human nutrition and she is a certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainer. She loves dancing, singing, and having deep talks with a cup of tea.
Ana will be your host for the last two weeks of the Pop-Up.

Our community about the pop-up experience:

Cementing my love of coliving, meeting people that really inspired some ideas in me for my personal and professional life, and learning lots about this part of Spain - I didn't know what pinxtos were, but now I love them!

Toks Coyle (Pop-up 2nd edition)Virtual Assistant

I always learn so much when I’m at Sun and Co, personally and professionally.

Jessica Grace (Pop-up 2nd edition)Writer and Podcaster

In 6 weeks I had the time to really live the house and the experience! Cooking together and daily events made all the difference and having a mastermind was also a very powerful and strengthening activity

Isabella Paiva (Pop-up 2nd edition)Business and Product Consultant

Sun & Co was more than Coliving for me - it was about cocreating and co-conspiring in living our best lives. The depth of connection made everyday so much more joyful. From morning coffee talks about dating, to lunch group workouts, to designing dinner experiences to learning from afternoon workshops - every day felt so full of positive energy and cross-cultural insights. Highly recommend!

Vika Viktoria (Pop-up 1st edition)Keynote Speaker • Award-winning Storyteller

I had the opportunity for the first time in a few years to really connect with people with similar life goals and values as me. It was very healing for me to know there are people I can connect with from around the world who are also on their own path, and to know that every individual's journey is different and yet equally important.

Caitlin Mekita (Pop-up 1st edition)Senior Director of Strategic Engagement

This was really an unforgettable experience for me. It's hard to tell if it was the house or the hosts, the guests or the food, all I know is that it worked. I'm leaving here a much better person that I was when I came.

Irene Olwoch (Pop-up 1st edition)Founder at Remote Controller

I loved the Sun and Co. pop-up! The villa and its surroundings are so beautiful, I learnt a lot from all the professional events, and I met so many incredible people. I’ve already met up with some of my housemates since the pop-up, and I have plans to travel with more of them in the future. I totally fell in love with the Basque Country and I know I’ll be back!

Jess Coleman (Pop-up 1st edition)Author and travel coach

As someone who has been to sun and co many time, the pop up truly proved that the magical sun and co experience is a thing and not just in Javea. You show up as strangers but through a shared experience of inspiration, caring and a lot of fun you walk away with an extended family. I come back because it makes me grow as a person and getting new friends is a bonus.

Nicki Frandsen (Pop-up 1st edition)E-commerce Business Coach


How to get to Sun and Co. Pop-up Coliving?

Our villa is located in a town called Gautegiz Arteaga, in the Basque Country, northern Spain region.

The closest international Airport is Bilbao, which is only a 30 minutes drive from the house. You can also get a bus directly from the airport to Gernika and then change to another bus from Gernika to Gautegiz Arteaga.

Renting a car is also a good option; it will give you a lot of freedom once you are there.

Once you book your stay with us, we’ll send you a Welcome Guide with more practical information 😉

Who is this for?

Digital nomads and remote workers that want to embark in a curated workation and explore what it means to live in a community.  If you are looking for deep and meaningful connections, this is the place for you.

What's the weather like in the Basque Country around those dates?

You can expect enjoyable temperatures during the day. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 21.0°C (69.8°F). At night it will drop down to 11.0 °C (51.8°F). So expect some rainy days, hopefully not many. We’ve got central heating for cozy game nights and a swimming pool in the garden for warm days! Last year we were so lucky. We could swim at the beach and jump in the swimming pool!

How many people will be sharing the house?

We will be between 12 and 18 people in the house, depending on the number of couples that will end up coming. Based on our experience, this is the perfect amount of people to create a homey atmosphere and allow meaningful relationships to blossom.

What about the events?

After eight years of running our coliving space in Jávea, we know how to make the most out of community events.

We’ll come together online a few weeks before the Pop-up starts. During this meeting, we’ll get to know each other, try to solve your questions, and plan the experience ahead. Our motto is: “Community is built when you give without expecting anything in return”. That’s why we’ll invite you to suggest your events ideas and help us organise them.

We’ll have the following:
3 Professional events every week: Skillshares, Roundtables or Masterminds.
3+ Social events: Hikes, Food, etc.
All of the activities are led by our members!

What can be found in the house surroundings?

The villa is located in the town of Arteaga, a pretty village surrounded by fantastic nature and green mountains. It has a few local bars and a pharmacy. However, to find a supermarket and more restaurants and bars where to eat all the tapas (and Pintxos), we can head to Gernika, which is just 10 minutes by bus.

What can be done in the area?

Sun and Co. pop-up is located in Busturialdea-Urdaibai district, a unique jewel of nature in the Basque Country, which was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1984. We’ll be very close to the sea and at the same time surrounded by mountains. We’ll be able to do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, climbing.. and many more.

Get ready to discover one of the most beautiful areas of Spain. The area of Urdaibai is also known as the Basque Reserve. If you want to learn more about it, you can check out this website:

What will be different compared to Sun and Co. in Javea?

First and foremost, the villa is an entirely new environment that will make this time unique. On top of that, we will try to make this coliving experience even more immersive and collaborative. For example, we’ll organise a virtual guest meet-up before the kick-off to get to know each other and already start planning our events for the pop-up.

Food and sharing meals will also be an important part of the experience! So expect to cook together some of the nights 🙂

Instead of each of us buying groceries separately, we will encourage you to buy the food together, also to minimise the number of trips to the supermarket (this is optional). Read more about it in the Food Together section > FAQ.

Food Together: How does it work?

In the past two years we experienced different ways of dealing with our groceries, and found a formula that seems to work well. You can choose between buying your own food or participating in the “food together”. Since there are no supermarkets in the area, we recommend the second one. Why? It’s more convenient, more economical and more community-focused 😉

If you participate in the food together, you’ll have dinner with the other members on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Once a week, you’ll be in the cooking team and also on the cleaning the dishes team.

Like in the previous edition, we’ll choose and buy the food from the supermarket together. Every Monday and Friday, food is delivered to our home. From this shopping, you’ll be able to prepare your breakfast and lunch as you wish.

Also, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are days where spontaneous cooking happens, so cooking together it’s not scheduled in the weekly plan. In any case, you can still take food from the common shelf and prepare a delicious meal or go to a restaurant!

Is there a Coworking Space?

There will be plenty of space in the villa to work from, be productive and get work done in between social time. We will set up different working areas so you can choose between different spaces. We also use a bookable chapel for private calls; isn’t it cool?

What's included in the price?

  • Becoming part of an inmersive Sun and Co. pop-up experience.
  • Minimum stay of 2 weeks to get to know people deeply.
  • 3 Professional and 3+ social events led by the guests.
  • Optional yoga and mindfulness sessions.
  • A local host to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • A fully renovated, fully equipped luxury villa.
  • Good Internet and workspaces to be productive.
  • Cleaning 3 times a week + bed sheets and towels changed once a week.
  • An amazing and inspiring community.

Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions


  1. If the guest cancels before February 18th, 2024 100% of the payment will be refunded.
  2. If the guest cancels between February 18th and March 18th, 2024 the deposit (50%) is not refundable.
  3. Full payment will be required if the guest cancels after March 18th, 2024.
  4. If the original booking is modified and/or shortened after March 18th, cancelled days will be charged.
  5. Full payment will be required if the guest arrives and decides to leave earlier than scheduled in the case of a no-show or cancels the booking after the arrival date.



  • The deposit (50% of the booking) will be paid upon reservation to confirm the booking.
  • The remaining 50% of your booking will be paid before March 18th, 2024.
  • For bookings made after March 18th, 2024, we will request full payment upon reservation to confirm the booking.
  • Sun and Co. reserves the right to cancel the stay at Sun and Co. Pop-up. If that’s the case, full payment will be refunded to all guests.
  • To cover any unexpected damages caused by individuals, we will also need each guest to provide their credit card details.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected] 🙂