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It’s 2024 and remote workers from all over the world are coming to Spain to try out the remote work lifestyle away from their home countries. 

With great weather, beautiful nature, and diverse culture, Spain is a top destination for experienced remote workers looking for a place to settle for a longer time, but it is also one of the best countries for first-time remote workers who are just starting their journeys. 

As big as it is, Spain offers a great choice of corners where one can come and work remotely, but not every one of them will offer the infrastructure needed for a remote work lifestyle. 

While there are some expected safe choices that do so, like big cities, there is one small town that is becoming the perfect spot for remote workers and is just awaiting your discovery – Javea. 


One of the most beautiful streets in the charming old town

Nestled in the heart of the Costa Blanca, within the Alicante province of the Autonomous Comunidad Valenciana, Javea is a charming coastal town that offers an enticing blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and a work-life system for newcomers and remote workers. 

Also known as Xabia in the local Valencian dialect, Javea embodies the essence of traditional Spanish charm fused with the vibrancy of modern living adding to the area’s diverse cultural tapestry.

With its location, rich heritage, and welcoming atmosphere, Javea invites you to explore its scenic landscapes and immerse yourself in its unique cultural experiences and offer you a healthier work-life balance. 


Javea Before Remote Work

In the world of tourism and vacationing, Javea is not really a hidden gem. Blessed with clear blue beaches and verdant mountains, it has long been cherished as a beloved retreat for Spanish vacationers


Peaceful views from Javea’s port

The town’s Spanish ambiance infuses every corner with vibrant energy, where locals mingle with tourists in charming cafes, diverse tapas bars, and plenty of restaurants.

To speak to that, throughout the summer months, this town of normally 30,000 inhabitants becomes a home for more than 120,000 people enjoying its Mediterranean charm.

However, Javea is not just another popular tourist destination; in recent years, it has also been attracting more and more Westerners to move to the area and start their lives in Spain. And today – this population of people who are drawn in by this mystical energy of Javea is more and more including remote workers and digital nomads. 


First Sights of Remote Work in Javea

Since its foundation in 2015, Sun and Co. Coliving & Coworking has played a pivotal role in reshaping Javea’s environment into a thriving hub for remote work and digital nomadism.

With a focus on remote workers and digital nomads as its primary demographic, Sun and Co. began attracting individuals seeking a suitable working environment and a like-minded community where they could conduct their work, belong, and all while enjoying the idyllic surroundings of a beautiful coastal town.


Sun and Co’s community hiking together

Sun and Co. coliving became a home for explorers and remote workers, and the word quickly spread about the unique experience happening inside this community, attracting more people to the small town of Javea.

And interestingly many of these visitors did not just come and leave, but were captivated by Javea’s charm and have chosen to return for subsequent stays

Some have even decided to take the leap and explore housing options beyond coliving walls, thereby laying the groundwork for the growth of the remote working community in the city.


How Javea Established a Remote Work-Friendly Environment

With more remote workers being introduced to Javea, whether through Sun and Co. or other avenues, they began to reflect on the changes in the city as it adapted to this new demand.

This influx of newcomers seeking to establish roots in Javea has contributed to the city’s evolution, fostering a dynamic and diverse environment that reflects the changing face of remote work culture. 

With Sun and Co. Coliving leading the charge in promoting Javea as a premier destination for remote professionals, the city’s reputation as a haven for remote work continues to grow.

Skillshare at Sun and Co’s coworking space


Key Elements of Javea’s Remote Work Infrastructure

Of course, this reshaping of the town meant new places for gathering and working, and new infrastructures started showing up. 

Javea slowly started blossoming with work-friendly cafes, spots for digital nomad gathering, and most importantly, coworking spaces allowing for a seamless and healthier work-life balance. 

Work facilities for Remote Professionals in Javea

Coworking places in Javea

Sun and Co's coworking community space for remote workers in JáveaSun and Co’s coworking space in Jávea, Spain

  • Sun and Co.’s Coworking – Even though Sun and Co had more than enough workspace inside of the house for its colivers to maintain their work-life balance, opening an external coworking in the old town made the community grow even more. This coworking opened the doors to those who do not live in the coliving to become community pass members, have a designated working space, and have access to Sun and Co’s community events.
  • Comboi Coworking – Comboi is another coworking and creative hub in Javea, established by a former Sun and Co. staff member Sienna. It’s a place where leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives converge to do their best work and foster innovation, and a place of frequent gatherings, roundtables, and skillshares. Comboi is definitely one of those places that foster the wider remote worker and entrepreneur community of Javea. 


Laptop-friendly cafes in Javea

If you are one of those people who like sipping on a tasty coffee in the charming atmosphere of a cafe, Javea is also seeing the increasing presence of many affordable laptop-friendly spots popping up all around the city. 

Here are a few that we really liked:

  • Kefi Cafe – An affordable, laptop-friendly café with a modern interior, amazing coffee, a good atmosphere, and a wide selection of tasty pastries and cakes.
  • Cafe Mira Luna – A perfectly situated small café with superb views overlooking the Javea Port promenade and the sea, featuring outdoor tables equipped with plenty of outlets, ideal for people working on their laptops.
  • The Beach House – A concept café-restaurant with a stunning location, offering good coffee, workspace, and the best views of the Javea coastline.


Working remotely from The Beach House

The Presence of Great Spanish Teachers in the Area

In Javea, settling in as a remote worker offers more than just professional opportunities. 

With a vibrant community of Spanish speakers and skilled teachers readily available, it’s an ideal environment for those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture and language even more.

This allows remote workers to truly integrate into the community and experience the richness of Spanish culture firsthand. 

With an already established international community in the city, there are plenty of teachers around who have tailored their approach to suit different needs and backgrounds. 


A community member learning Spanish during her third stay at Sun and Co.


Growing Community or Remote Workers in Javea

Lastly, and most importantly, although Sun and Co. Coliving initiated the movement, the community of remote workers in Javea is expanding beyond its walls every single day. Attracting creative and bold people, it was Javea’s destiny to continue expanding. Today, these are just some of the elements that influence that:

Monthly Remote Workers Meetups

Events organized by expats who have chosen to settle in Javea facilitate connections between locals, the international community, and remote workers. 

These events typically occur on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, providing an excellent opportunity to engage with Javea’s expanding remote work community, which is growing with every meetup.


Night out in Javea connecting with like-minded people

FB and WA Groups of Remote Workers

The presence of several WhatsApp and Facebook groups for remote workers with specific interests facilitates connections with like-minded people. These platforms offer opportunities for remote workers to engage with others who share their interests, fostering a sense of community and providing avenues for networking and collaboration.


Sun and Co.’s Community Pass

And lastly, Sun and Co. found a way to contribute even more to this growth by introducing Sun and Co.’s Community Pass.

This pass is a great option for you if you’re looking to join a community and experience Javea to the fullest, but maintain your own private space in the town. It is a continued connection for those with partners, families, pets, or long-term residents, who want to stay in touch, collaborate, and grow.  


Sun and Co’s international community having dinner at La Siesta restaurant

Some community pass members book the whole season (10 months), some only for 1 to 3 months, and some start with 2 weeks to try it for the first time (and then decide to extend ;-)).

With all said above, we think it’s pretty clear why Javea is one of the best cities to start your remote work journey in Spain. However green or experienced a remote worker you are, Javea will offer you an instant system, community, and support, that will help you find your place and continue growing.

Author: Gala from Travel and Tapas