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If you’ve been around, the term community pass probably already sounds quite familiar. But, in case you’re new, we wanted to go deeper into explaining the idea behind the whole concept. And all that with the tendency of creating more possibilities for location-independent workers to enjoy the abundance and benefits of different ways of working and enriching their lives.

Many people are already familiar with the concept of coliving, which is also what is Sun and Co. best known for. But, for many years already, and after all the people that have passed through our coliving, it’s quite clear that Sun and Co. is not just a house with shared space. The whole magic behind the closed doors was happening thanks to one amazing thing – the community.  

A group of people that share the same life values, and each individual being ready to give without expecting anything in return in order to make the best out of their experience, creates something extraordinary. 

And here at Sun and Co., we have been so blessed to be able to live that every day for the past 7 years and provide this experience to others.

Sun and Co. Community

What is Community Pass membership?


Since creating a safe space for people to connect and have transformative experiences is one of the main of Sun and Co. purposes, we started wondering: what could we do to make this experience approachable to even more people, with slightly different needs? 

And this is how we came to an idea of a community pass concept. But, what does it even mean? 

Community pass is meant to be for everyone who is looking to join a community of like-minded people and find a safe space where they can learn, grow and share, on both professional and personal levels. Because for us, it’s always been about the community. The community is the one that creates all the magic, and everything else comes second.

This concept is perfect for all the remote workers who want their privacy by living in an apartment, yet have the option to use a dedicated coworking space and join the community whenever they feel like it. This opportunity is open for individuals, families with kids, pet owners, or just a group of friends who’d prefer sharing a place together while having the opportunity to meet other like-minded, but yet diverse people. 


A day in the life of a Community Pass member


If you wonder what your average day as a community pass member could look like, we’re bringing a few ideas based on the experience of our community members. Keep in mind that you have all the freedom to choose the preferable activity, but one thing is for sure – you won’t lack any ideas or possibilities in the abundance of professional and social events or the opportunities Javea has to offer.

8.00 – 10.00

Start your morning with ease and enjoy your favorite activity. Sip coffee on the balcony, take a sunrise walk down by the beach, or have a dip in the sea. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in your favorite place with a sea view. Sunrise morning swims have become a regular activity of our community members, so maybe it’s the perfect time to set up some new, enjoyable morning routines. 

10.00  – 14.30

Head to the coworking space. On the way, stroll the charming streets of Javea’s old town. Use the office for some productive hours and put your focus on doing some deep work. If you have any meetings, you can book a call booth in the office and have peace and privacy.  In a short break, take a coffee break and enjoy an insightful chat with one of the community members. 

14.30 – 15.30

It’s lunchtime! Choose one of the local restaurants and grab lunch with a fellow coworker. Use that time to exchange ideas, or simply relax in good company and get to know each other better. Have you already tried paella? If not, it’s the perfect time to do so (and don’t forget, in Spain, paella is allowed only for lunch). 

15.30 – 18.30

Use the afternoon for another few productive hours. Find your cozy corner in the coworking space, in the cafe by the beach, or in your apartment, and finish up the working day strong. One of the big advantages of our coworking space and community is that people are truly devoted to their work, and they dedicate enough time in the week to productivity, which is very motivating when it comes to doing some work properly. 

18.30 – 19.30

Join a skillshare, mastermind, or roundtable organized by one of the community members. Learn new skills, network with other professionals, exchange knowledge and connect. We put a lot of emphasis on our professional events and skills we share withing the group. We believe that community is built when you give, not expecting anything in return, and it goes the same with knowledge. Everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and to share what they are good at.

20.30 – 23.00

It’s time to pursue human connections. The evening is time for social events, relaxing with other amazing people over dinner or wine, chatting about life, and sharing amazing experiences. The evening is usually when people get together, talk about life and disconnect from their job. Because, by the end of the day, we are not what we do, but much more than that. 

Have you got inspired already? 


Merge of local life and international community


One of the magical parts of living in a flat and having an access to the coworking space and community is that you get to have it both – an opportunity to merge into the local lifestyle and meet local people (or maybe even sharing a flat with a local – it could be the fast way to improve your Spanish skills) as well as an international community of at least 15 people that you can join anytime.

The best feedback we can get is, ofcourse, from our community. Remy is a long-term Sun and Co. coliving and community pass member. After staying in the coliving 3 times, he decided to make Javea his winter base and make sure the community is here, at his fingertips. We asked Remy, why was getting the community pass the right choice for him:


“I can’t imagine living in Jávea without coworking, networking and sharing with the Sun and Co. family, growing together personally and professionally.“


It’s a perfect combo for me to have my own place, which I can occasionally share with others, 5 minutes walk from Sun and Co., to use the new beautiful and comfortable coworking space in the heart of the old town, to be part of the Sun and Co. community, join professional and social events and to feel more connected to the local life in Jávea while hosting family and friends.“

And who are we to judge? 

A cozy corner of the coworking space

We like having our options wide and open. Both coliving and community pass have one bond that makes them so special – the community. Everything else is just a different way how every individual prefers to experience it. And we want to make it accessible to everyone by creating more various opportunities, where more people will feel safe and at home. 

If you still wonder what is coliving and what an average day in coliving life can look like, check it out here.