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Meet Daniel Bunton, who came to Sun and Co. in mid-September looking to build community. He first planned to stay at the coliving for one week and then get the community pass to keep being part of the community for a couple of weeks more. In the end, he stayed with us for one month!

Daniel’s studio and rooftop contributed to the creation of the best memories of the quarter, including classy wine and cheese tastings, spontaneous dance classes, meaningful conversations, and deeper connections among Sun and Co. family members. All these moments were possible thanks to our newest product: the community pass. 

Wine Tasting at Daniel's Rooftop

Wine Tasting at Daniel’s Rooftop

The community pass offers a great coworking-community experience in which you have access to coworking spaces as well as the communal spaces of our coliving while you are living in the accommodation of your choice where you can relax, unwind and recharge away from others. In other words, it is a great opportunity to get your job done and meet like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and professions.

Sun and Co. devised this product because we are aware that higher privacy levels can be harder to achieve in a shared building and we wanted to balance digital nomads’ and remote workers’ needs for private space and alone time with access to the community.

Meet Daniel!

We interviewed Daniel so you can get to know first-hand the community pass experience. Without further do, here’s what he has to say about his experience! Thank you once more, Daniel, for choosing us and contributing to our repertory of inspiring stories.

Tell us about yourself

Hey! I’m Daniel, I’m Australian, workwise I’m the Head of Customer Support at a start-up that is based in London. I stayed at the house for one week here in Jávea and then I rented an apartment up the road for one month and have been using the community pass since then.

What do you value the most about the community pass?

This is my second coliving experience and definitely the best one. I think what I value the most about the community pass is the community that comes with it. The only thing I could compare with that is the coworking space, but it is so much more than that: you meet fascinating people and there is so much effort put into creating a community amongst the people that form part of it. I really value this because this way I’ve met such fascinating people!

What does a day as a community pass member look like? 

A day in the life for me is showing up in the coworking space at around ten o’clock in the morning– which is 9 A.M London time. Normally there are a few people already with whom have a bit of a chat over coffee.

Often, at lunchtime, there will be skillshares happening, where someone will share their professional experience around something. This is interesting, for example, one time one person shared about all the drama happening in Iran at the moment– it is amazing to hear about the protests going on and what can we do to raise awareness.

At about two o’clock, you’ll see all the people working in US time zones showing up at the coworking to start their days. As the day wraps up, there is always generally something happening in the evening like tapas, and even the Americans will join us later for drinks when they finish working.

What is the biggest difference in your daily routine here in comparison to back home?

I think the biggest difference for me is that there is always something going on that I could involve myself in. If you’re someone that struggles with FOMO, this is something that would have to manage because the fear of missing out is real. I found out that there’s less time in my day because it is so full of activities and socializing.

Do you think you could say you found home in a place away from home?

Jávea… I definitely feel this is home in a place away from home. I feel like five weeks is not enough and I will be back!

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