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If you’ve been to Sun and Co., you know how obsessed we are with the concept of skill sharing! Every week we get together to decide on three hot topics that people would like to learn more about, and there’s always someone in the house willing to teach and share their knowledge… for free!

This month’s Skillshare is brought to you by a power couple that spent some time with us at Sun and Co. last month: Taria & Jamarr Buchanan. They are the co-founders of Blackridge Unlimited, a lifestyle design company that helps people envision and create lives that they want.

Here are a preview and a slide deck of what they taught us during their Skillshare. If you want to learn more get in touch directly at [email protected].

Why Vision

You need to know what you’re striving for and why. In order to make clear plans, you must get clear on what you’re wishing to accomplish. Also, you won’t be easily distracted by possibilities and agendas not aligned with your vision.

How To Vision

With as much detail and specifics as possible. Don’t envision “rich”, envision the number. Don’t envision “better relationships with your family”, envision exactly what you want to feel like and do with family.

Constantly. Or whenever there is something in your life your want because everything that was ever created was first envisioned.

With great emotion! Fall in love with, have gratitude for, and desire the vision for your life. Our emotions not only fuel our passions for what we want, but they also call what we want to us.

What To Vision

Use the visioning framework attached as a guide to cover the important areas of your life. Add or remove areas based on what matters to you.

Download the PDF of the Visioning Framework Worksheet by Blackridge Unlimited and start gaining clarity on your goals.