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This month we are meeting Hannah – creative & digital marketing consultant + master of bread-making from the UK. Hannah has a home base in Suffolk, where her main clients are, but has been gradually transitioning to now being fully location independent. Let’s find out more about her journey!

How did you become location independent?

It’s been a long process. I quit my job at a law firm to go and work as a ski instructor in Austria in 2012/13. After that I decided I never wanted to be tied to 4 weeks of holiday allowance and stuck in an office from 9am – 5pm.  So I set up my business and spent the next 3-4 years working long hours and never taking any holiday! All the hard work wasn’t in the original plan, but it was worth it! I built up good relationships with clients, who are now happy to continue working with me while I travel.  I have spent the last 18 months travelling more and taking my work on the road – gradually transitioning from being UK based and taking the odd long trip, to now considering myself fully location independent.

What’s the hardest part about being on the road and how do you handle it?

Packing! I haven’t learnt the art of travelling light (yet), but fortunately I like to base myself in one place for a while so it’s not too much of an issue and I’m sure I’ll refine my technique. It can also be hard to fit in seeing everyone when I go home if I’m not back for long enough.

What’s been your favourite part about coliving in Javea?

The community Sun and Co. has created is second to none. I loved meeting so many diverse people, sharing experiences and learning new skills – both professional and some.. surprises (who knew I would become obsessed with baking sourdough bread after meeting Loïc!).

If you had one piece of advice to give to someone who is thinking about being location independent, what would it be?

Just give it a go!  And don’t feel you have to commit to a travelling for a long time upfront.  Try short trips first to make sure you find it practical to work remotely and also this gives you the chance to demonstrate to your clients (or boss) that you can still work effectively from abroad before you make longer-term plans.

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