Meet The Colivers: JP - Sun and Co. Coliving Coworking Community
This month we are meeting JP, who probably holds the record for number of times at Sun and Co.! JP (Jean-Philippe, not Jean-Pierre..!) is originally from France and has two daughters that live in Paris. His passion is to help people reconnect to their life purpose. After years of dedication and thinking outside the box, he has managed to transform this passion into his full-time job. Let’s find out more about his journey!

How did you become a digital nomad/location independent?

After 10 years working in IT in Paris I decided I wanted a big change, so I moved to New Zealand. Only to realise a few weeks later that I was re-creating the same life that I had left. I started my current business in Personal Growth as a side-project while still working in IT in Auckland. And after a few years I managed to quit my job in IT… Yay!
It took me another couple of years to realise a few more things about myself. As a father of two young children, I had to break out a lot of boxes I thought I had to be into. Someone told me once that it was not possible to be divorced with kids AND to be a nomad. But I had the desire to live a different life than before and I wanted to show my girls an alternative lifestyle, so that they can choose their own later on.

What’s the hardest part about being on the road and how do you handle it?

Logistics are the most challenging part for me, as I go back to Paris every couple of weeks to see my daughters. But it’s definitely worth it! I’m sharing more experiences and quality time with them now than before. And my dream is one day to experience coliving for families!

What’s been your favourite part about Sun and Co.?

People usually ask me why I come back to Sun and Co. that often. It’s because I choose to go where it feels good for me to be. Sun and Co. is special, because it’s a safe place for people to show who they truly are to others, but also to themselves. For me, each time at Sun and Co. has always been the same, but also different, thanks to the community and of course, our hosts! Hiking, surfing, family dinners, bonfires, werewolves games, deep conversations… each experience is a way for me to discover more about myself, experiment and learn from other people.

If you had one piece of advice to give to someone who is thinking about being location independent, what would it be?

I would ask myself: Why do I want to be location independent?
Am I looking for the freedom in the outside world, or am I looking for the freedom to be truly myself?
Do I want to discover the world or do I want to discover myself?
When you are clear with your intentions, you’re making wiser choices and you get better outcomes!
People say I ask a lot of questions 🙂 that’s indeed what I do when I’m helping people get unstuck from their present situation, make peace with past experiences, or find their life purpose!
There is a lot of free content on my website about how to become the hero of your life. It’s in French but google translate seems to do a very good job!
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