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What is so great about being a digital nomad is that you get to see so many different places all over the world and you can move around at your own pace. Europe is a fantastic place for anyone looking to start this lifestyle.

A popular city for digital nomads and entrepreneurs is Valencia. Valencia is a port city in Spain on the southeastern coast where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Turia River. It is popular for its beaches, culture, and arts that you can enjoy while there. With its low cost of living and thriving nighttime culture, this is the ideal city to start your digital nomad life!

Another thing about being a nomad is that you can work with others, but only if you want to. Of course, there are certain times that you may have to deal with someone for business reasons, but overall, you can pick and choose who you want to work with. During these times, you will need a spot to keep your belongings and there are plenty of luggage storage sites in Valencia to choose from. 

Partnering and Coworking

Having a partner or coworker who travels and works with you on a regular basis is a personal choice and it only works if you and your coworker get along well and share the same work ethics. For example, you cannot work well with someone who is a strict 9 to 5 worker if you just like to work whenever you have time. 


Home Base

Some digital nomads have a home base that they return to at times. If you are financially able to keep a home to go back to between travels or if you have family who lives in a place that you retreat to when needed, that works out great. A home base may also be an office you report to once in a while.

Some nomads do not have a home base at all. They work out of suitcases or backpacks, sometimes using an internet café or coffee shop for their internet service. You may also work in your vehicle or on the road with others in a motor home. But another great idea is a coworking space.

Coworking Space

If you do need to work closely with someone for business reasons, you have to make sure you both have the space you need to be comfortable and productive. So, if you do find yourself in a space with a coworker, you want to figure out the best way to complement each other’s work styles.

Some people live freely and do not seem to care where everything goes. They just put things down and when they need something, it may take them a while to find it. These free spirits can sometimes be hard to live with or work with if you are someone who thinks everything has a place. 

What is a Coworking Space?

Most often, a coworking space is an office or building that has a variety of people working in it, not together but individually. They just share the space. This gives nomads a place to recharge their electronics and spread out with use of the internet, office machines, and even lounges and restrooms. 

The people who use these spaces are often self-employed or freelancers who just need an office environment with certain services they cannot get in a café or motel. For example, they may need a printer or fax machine, kitchen, or even a conference room. 

Sometimes, coworking spaces are a place for people to work together on a job as a team. For example, if you are writing a travel blog about France, you may need to meet up with others who are collaborating with you. These may be other writers, photographers, or editing staff. 

Couples as Coworkers

A lot of digital nomads work together as a couple since they both share the same lifestyle. However, this is only productive if you can work together as a team without feeling like you are spending too much time together. You may find that even though you seem to work together well, being around someone 24/7 is not great for either of you. 

The whole point of living a nomadic life is that you enjoy doing things at your own pace, in your own area, and you typically do not like someone setting schedules for you or telling you what to do. Nomads like the freedom of working from anywhere they happen to be, whether it is the beach or the desert. 

Make Your Own Space

If you and your partner are able to flourish in this kind of environment, you will still need to have your own space. You probably have your own laptop or tablet and a comfy spot to sit when you work no matter what kind of work you do.


Whether you are a programmer, writer, photographer, or whatever else, you need your own area. Where you work may be in the car, an RV, or motel rooms. Some people spend several months in one spot so they may rent a house or condo for a time. Others are just passing through all the time. 


With the addition of Airbnbs, it is even easier to be a digital nomad. Some Airbnbs are used as coworking spaces. In fact, you can find a plethora of different types of spaces from offices for one to a meeting space for 200. Whether you need a small room or a mansion, you can find them everywhere.

You can also rent a space to use for several days or more if you are hosting an event like a conference or brainstorming session. It does not have to be one of the Airbnbs but can be a hotel, home, or another type of building or space. Either way, it can make your life easier as a nomad to have a place to connect to when needed. 

Being a digital nomad does not mean you are always on the go. Some digital nomads only move once or twice a year. Others move weekly. It depends on your type of work and style of living. But you can always find a coworking space to use along the way. 

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