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Written by Edu

Before Jon and I decided to found Sun and Co. we had tons (literally tons!) of discussions about the philosophy behind a coliving space. What is even a coliving space? What was the whole point of it? Why are we doing this?

The ideas that came out of these discussions have been evolving ever since, but one still remains the same: we don’t really like the term work-life balance.

We know, it is what people use and we might even use it from time to time. What we don’t like is that it establishes a very clear division between two ideas: work and life. We were lucky enough to have a conversation about this with Steve Munroe from Hubud at the last Coworking Europe Conference, and ever since we are even more convinced about this.

To us, work is a part of life and we think it has to be as enjoyable as possible. And thats one of the reasons why we created Sun and Co.

It is clear that, unfortunately, not everybody enjoys their work. Not all professionals can enjoy the unprecedented freedom that remote and location independent workers have nowadays. Not everyone can live as a digital nomad or go on workations and retreats regularly.

But still, life and work are terms that should not be in opposition. Even if you are not passionate about what you do.

Our goal from the very beginning was to create a place where people could bring work and leisure (our term of choice) to a balance. A place to live better even if you don’t quite enjoy your job. Ultimately, to learn how to work smarter to live better.

We believe that to achieve this, our most important task is to provide our guests with a deep personal connection with the rest of the guests and ourselves – the hosts. Sun and Co. is not only about productivity or comfort. It is not just a place to focus and relax. We truly think it is a place to also rethink and, on the way, find happiness.

So, as much as you can: Work smarter. Live better. 🙂