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Ladies and gentlemen, meet our brave friend, Daniel van Lier! Daniel is 34 years old and originally from Germany. When he came to Sun and Co. in 2019, he was still working full time as a perfusionist (don’t know what that is? We had to look it up too!). Fast forward a few months, Daniel went back to Germany, proceeded to quit his job and – in his own words – started to live!
He loves travelling and capturing moments with his camera. In fact, he’s an excellent photographer and videographer, looking to find his style and focus on his creative passion. He’s currently back with us at Sun and Co., getting some fresh inspiration to start his new life. Let’s find out more about his journey.

meet the colivers at sun and co.

How are you becoming a digital nomad/location independent?

My life until December 2019 looked like what people would call ‘a typical German career’. Go to school, get a job, work there until you’re old enough to retire. Day after day, working for other people’s dreams. I eventually got bored and in 2018 decided to take a 6-month break from my job to go see the world. When I came back, I just wasn’t the same anymore! So in January 2020 I quit my job, packed my stuff and left Germany to start my journey to become location independent.
I am completely new to this lifestyle and right now I don’t really have a plan on what exactly I want it to look like for myself. In this moment, I just want to experiment and travel the world as much as possible, capturing moments with my camera to bring a smile on people’s faces. And well, of course, I want to start making money at some point, so that I can sustain myself while still living my dreams. Time will tell!

What are the challenges in this process and how do you handle them?

I have just literally started the process to become location independent, so I have SO many challenges and questions I’m trying to find an answer to! How do I build a business? Where should I start? Will I earn enough money to make a living? And also on a more personal level – how do I deal with self-doubt? How do I stay organised and productive while travelling and working for myself? How can I worry less? I am trying not to get overwhelmed and figure out what my priorities are to focus on them. Step after step. Little by little.

meet the colivers at sun and co.

What’s been your favourite part about coliving/Javea/Sun and Co.?

My first favourite thing about Sun and Co. are the skillshare run by the colivers on a weekly basis. I believe it’s one of the things that makes this place so special! You can learn so much on so many different topics, all for free! Not only that, you are also encouraged to share your knowledge and skills with the other colivers. And I find this is incredibly good for your own confidence!
Here are a few examples of skillshares that have happen at Sun and Co. in the past:

The second best thing at Sun and Co. is the social life. Joining the Sun and Co. family means you become a part of an international community of people just like you. Whether it’s over shared meals, morning coffee or a hike, the coliving experience at Sun and Co. is designed to bring great people together on a deeper level. There is simply nothing more relaxed and meaningful at the same time than talking about life over a bottle of wine. Or Gin… 🙂

If you had one piece of advice to give to someone who is thinking about quitting their job to be location independent, what would it be?

Don’t wait for the ‘right’ moment, because this moment will never come. The time is now to pursue your dreams: stop making excuses and just start!

Follow Daniel and his beautiful work on Instagram and on his YouTube Channel