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This year, Sun and Co. was lucky to get a new local host from Javea. Fernando (also known as Fer) has a role of making Sun and Co. house a comfortable and safe place for our colivers. Plus, he knows every little corner of Javea, and can share all the tips on how to experience this corner of Spain as a local.

Get to know Fer and what excites him most about life…

Tell us a bit about you, Fernando!

Born and raised in Javea, Sun and Co.’s hometown! I studied architecture in Madrid and after traveling a lot and experiencing community life, 2 years ago I decided to come back to my home town and started studying group and process facilitation in Valencia. The last few years I’ve been working as an independent architect focused on natural building (and getting my hands dirty on-site!) and growing my own vegetables. I’m also involved in ecovillage movements in Spain, Portugal and Senegal, where a new way of living based on community and ecology is the main focus. Whatever I do, what I most enjoy is being surrounded by creative people and having meaningful conversations.

What do you do at Sun and Co.?

I am the head host at Sun and Co. and I’m responsible for the hosting going smooth in the house. Together with the rest of the team, we focus on making sure the colivers have a transformative experience and have the first close-up to community life. I’m also helping with maintenance and improvements in the house.

Outside of work, what do you love to do?

I love being in the garden growing my own food, this makes me feel empowered, resilient and connected to nature. I also love cooking a nice meal! I love dancing, reading philosophy books and slow-travelling to discover other cultures!

Fernando has a garden in Javea where he grows his own food

If you had to describe coliving in one word, what would it be?  


What do you think makes Sun and Co. so special?

The hosting team, the community, guests, the place and the whole environment!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to become location independent?

Believe in yourself and don’t forget you’re not alone, there are many other location-independent workers all around the world, search for places where you know you can meet other like-minded people!

What is your favourite thing about Javea?

The sea and the sunsets!

Biggest surprise since joining the Sun and Co.’s team?

The human quality of the team! Always caring, open to communicate and discuss about anything!

Quick round off!

Favourite place you’ve ever traveled to: Valparaiso, Chile

Beach or mountain: Mountain

Carry-on or big suitcase: Carry-on

Coffee or tea: Tea

Summer or winter: Spring

3 Most Used Apps: Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube

Favourite Song at the moment: Belong in the Sun – ¿Téo?


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