Best Coliving Spaces in Spain - Sun and Co. Coliving

One of the best countries to travel to is certainly Spain. And that doesn’t come as a surprise! Sunshine all-year-round, great food, rich culture and friendly people… what’s not to like? No wonder Spain is particularly popular when it comes to remote workers or digital nomads too. In fact, some of the best coliving and coworking spaces in Europe are to be found here.

When you’re looking for your next destination, the town that you’re headed to is just as important as where you’ll be staying. Ocean or mountains? City or countryside? Sunshine or rain? The options are infinite and very much based on your personal preferences. But if you are an entrepreneur, remote worker, digital nomad or an expat, there are even more criteria to add to the mix: how to meet like-minded people, how to find places to work from, how to build a network of people to collaborate with and gain inspiration from while travelling and living in a new place. 

sun and co. best coliving in spain

The truth is, travelling while working requires a high level of organisation to find apartments, cafes with good wifi and people to connect with. That’s why having spaces that support this lifestyle is key: coliving spaces offer all this under the same roof, taking away the hassle of having to organise all the travel-and-work logistics. It doesn’t hurt that most of them are also set in beautiful locations, with fast wifi and stylish workspaces, as well as local community managers to hook you up to what’s happening in the neighbourhood.  

So if Spain has been on your bucket list of countries to live and work from, here is our curated selection of the most popular coliving and coworking spaces to be found here.

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Sun and Co., Jávea (Costa Blanca)

Obviously 🙂 Over the years, Sun and Co. has become one of the leading coliving spaces in Spain and in Europe. Set in the charming, historical city of Jávea, Sun and Co. has been around for over 4 years, welcoming over 300 location independent workers from all over the world. And while we are the very first coliving and coworking community in the whole Mediterranean Coast, we certainly have some good company! 

sun and co.javea

ReStation, Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)

ReStation first opened its’ doors in October 2016. It all started with Maria’s vision of creating a business hub under the sun and an amazing community of like-minded people. Since then, the community multiplied and so did the spaces. By 2018 they’re running a coworking space and 3 coliving houses, each one with its’ vibe. Las Palmas is also a great spot for fellow digital nomads and remote workers, here’s why.

restation coliving gran canaria spain

Nine Coliving, Tenerife (Canary Islands)

The story of Nine Coliving starts with Anne, a dutch girl that, after spending a year travelling the world on one of the Remote Year programs, decided to transform an old Canarian house into a place where digital nomads live, work and meet. Surfing, hiking, local culture… for such small island, it is incredible how much Tenerife has to offer. Go explore! 

nine coliving tenerife spain

Sende, Senderiz (Northern Spain) 

Travelling entrepreneurs and educators, María and Edo decided to build this cozy, rural coliving and coworking space located in a village of only 20 (that’s right!) inhabitants, in the mountains of northern Spain. After six months of hard work, Sende was launched in July 2014. A year later, they had already hosted more than 500 persons from 20 countries. If you love mountains, hiking and biking, this one of a kind place is your jam! 

sende coliving spain

Are you ready to visit Spain and these beautiful coliving spaces? Use these codes when booking at ReStation, Nine and/or Sende to get a 5% discount on your total price: ReStation: 5SUN ///Nine Coliving: 5REFERRALSUNCO /// Sende: SENDESUN5